All homework must be turned in when you walk in the door. I will be checking homework at that time. Any work turned in after the announcements will be considered late. We will go over homework before any lesson begins.

Math: Students will be given math homework each Monday. The worksheet will have the entire week’s homework on it. Students will need to do a section of their homework nightly, and bring it in each day. I will check each night’s homework every day.

Reading: Students will have to respond to one question each night from their reading choice board. They will record their answer in their spiral reading notebook. Notebooks are due each Friday, but can be turned in early. By the end of the week, four questions should be answered. Some weeks students will not have reading choice homework because a project will be due. You will be notified when this happens. Students will be required to reach a reading goal every nine weeks. Reading goals will vary based on a student’s reading level. We will be able to determine your child’s level once school begins and students take a STAR test. Reading goals can be: Accelerated reading points, pages read within a week, books read within two weeks, etc. Accelerated reader will NOT be the only way a student can earn their reading goal. Reading goals will not be reflected on your child’s report card. 

Language Arts/English: In fifth grade we focus more on vocabulary than spelling. Each Monday, students will be given a list of words and definitions to study. List will contain 25 to 30 words per week. Students will be required to complete 3 vocabulary boxes each week using their words. The tic-tac-toe board has nine different choices; students must complete 3 in a row. Choices may be repeated once. Notebooks are due every Monday, but may be turned in early. Vocabulary test will be taken each Monday. Tic-tac-toe boards will change every nine weeks.

Science: In fifth grade, students are required to take an End of Course test in science. Science homework will not be given each night, be it will be given occasionally. Most assignments will be completed during class. Assignments started in class but not finished, may be sent home for homework. Students will have a science project every nine weeks that will need to be completed at home.

Social Studies: Most S.S. work will be completed during class. If a student has not completed the work we started in class and needs to finish, it will be sent home.

Fire Marshal: Students will take a fire marshal class each month. The class is taught by the Hickory Fire Department. Students will be given homework to complete at home with their family. The homework will be used during the next fire marshal class. Fire marshal class and homework will be a health grade.