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Anna Noell, EC Teacher


Welcome to the K-3rd EC Resource Classroom website!

Instruction in the resource room is designed to follow the student's Individual Education Plan which states his or her goals and objectives. This instruction is combined with grade level expectations, standards and pacing.


Students will work on basic readiness skills in reading, writing, and math. There will be a strong emphasis on letter sounds, blending sounds to read words, writing letters and numbers, stating oral sentences for who did what, counting items in a set, number and shape recognition, and number comparison. 


Students will work on vowel sounds, blending sounds to read words and sentences, sight word recognition, reading comprehension using signal words--who, did what, when, where, why, and how; writing a set of related sentences, adding and subtracting math facts to ten, number comparison and simple word problems.


Students will focus on vowel sounds, digraphs and diphthong sounds, blending sounds to read words and sentences, writing short stories, reading comprehension using signal words and sequence of events, adding and subtracting two-digit numbers, number comparison, place value, and simple word problems.


Students will be involved in a review of many sound patterns: vowels, diagraphs, diphthong sounds, consonant blends, reading comprehension related to character comparison, sequence of events, cause and effect, and making predictions, writing short stories with good grammar, and proofreading written work.  Third grade math instruction will be with Mrs. Yestrumskas in the 3rd-5th grade EC resource classroom.