Dawn McDaniel - AIG

                       Welcome to AIG!!

        ~Have the freedom to think outside the box, be
                    creative and discover the world!!

In class we are studying:

-Reading passages with Paideia seminars

-Computer Science at Code.org

-Khan Academy, read theory, 

-Defending a topic through writing prompts & collaborating w/classmates

-Discuss careers 

-Math Competitions:
   Perennial Math, Math Olympiad & SuperStars
The students answer 6 challenging math problems each month for a chance to have the high score.  Students will be recognized at the end of the year award's day for their high score. ​​A class discussion on how to find the answers and use a variety of strategies. Also, how we can apply the math to real life andfuture EOG's

-Stories with Holes: Stories without important details or an ending. 
*Students must use logical & creative thinking to figure out "what happened and why"

-Word Study
: Figuring out what vocabulary word goes w/the definition or fact.