Spelling/ Vocabulary

Spelling/Vocabulary will be done with the EC teacher or in the general education classroom according to your child's needs.   Please refer to your child's teacher or HW folder/binder for more specific information.

Some students will be doing word study and other students might be doing vocabulary that is generated from the general education classroom weekly text.  The specific needs will be assessed in the beginning of the school year and determined by the EC teacher and the general education teacher based on needs.

Word Study in the EC classroom is done in small groups. Your child might be working on a modified grade level vocabulary or  grade level word study.   

-HW focuses on spelling and sorting the words by pattern sounds and/or spelling pattern.  Your child will complete a sort at the beginning of the week in the EC classroom.  This sort will be glues into your child's notebook.  The assessment at the end of each week will be in the same format (see link below).  They will practice nightly according to the homework assignment list that is glued into the front of the their notebook. You can always print this sort or create on in the notebook. Word study/ spelling assessments are each Friday (subject to change).

                      General Education Vocabulary (modified)

Weekly lists (with definitions) will be given by the EC teacher or general education teacher at the beginning of each week.  The lists are generated from the text that is worked on in the classroom each week.  Homework assignments practice varies by grade and by teacher. Assignments are due at the end of each week. Assessments will take place at the end of each week (subject to change).