2018-2019 Viewmont Dance Company Application



Auditions for the 2018-2019 Viewmont Dance Company will be held:

Tuesday, September 25th
(4th and 5th grades will learn the dance)

Tuesday, October 2nd
(4th and 5th grades will audition on the same day)

at Viewmont Elementary School from 3:00-4:00PM


The Viewmont Dance Company through its organization shall endeavor to develop creativity and an appreciation for the art of dance; develop self-discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem; develop good character, good citizenship, and good sportsmanship; and develop problem solving, leadership and team building skills.  Any 4th or 5th grade student enrolled at Viewmont Elementary is eligible to audition.  Attending auditions does not guarantee membership to the company.       

All auditioning students will learn the dance routine that will be taught by the dance instructors on the first day of auditions (Tuesday, September 25th).  Everyone auditioning will be taught the same dance.  Students will audition in small groups on the second day of auditions (Tuesday, October 2nd for both 4th and 5th grades).  Students who audition will be required to attend BOTH audition days (September 25th and October 2nd) unless previously arranged with Ms. Love or Ms. Gibson due to illness or other excusable conflicts.  Students should wear appropriate, comfortable clothes to audition.  Exercise pants, sweat pants, shorts, and t-shirts are acceptable.  Socks, ballet shoes, jazz shoes, or bare feet are acceptable.  No sneakers or street shoes will be permitted for auditions.

We will try to finish by 4:00PM both days of auditions.  Please arrange for auditioning students to be picked up at 4:00PM in front of the school.  Family members and/or friends will not be allowed to observe either day of auditions.  Only students auditioning and school personnel involved in the audition process will be allowed in the audition room during the audition time.  Please wait in front of the school and we will walk out as a group when auditions are completed each day.

Scoring and selection:   Auditioning for the team does NOT guarantee a position on the team.  Students will audition in front of a panel of judges. The dance team instructors, judges and school administrative personnel will determine the size of each team and will determine who will be selected for the dance company.  Decisions will be based upon the scores assigned by the judges during auditions, and information from classroom teachers and/or other school personnel regarding academic effort and classroom/school behavior.  The following will be considered for audition scores:         

  • Knowledge and/or ease of learning the routine
  • Stage Presence (energy, smile, grace, poise, confidence, recovery)
  • Mechanics (arm position, hands, body position/posture, body movement and control)
  • Rhythm / Timing
  • Effort, attitude, behavior, and sportsmanship while learning the dance and throughout the audition process
  • Teacher recommendations, office referral / behavior documentation, classroom work habits or other information provided by school personnel

Students will be informed of team member selection by Wednesday, October 3rd by individual letters sent home to each auditioning student.

You will need your parent’s signature and completed student application turned in to Ms. Love or Ms. Gibson by Tuesday, September 25th.



Viewmont Dance Company

Student Application and Parent Permission

Please complete the information, answer the question, make sure your parent signs the permission, and return this form to Ms. Love or Ms. Gibson by Tuesday, September 25th.   The information in this application will be considered as part of your overall audition score.


Student Name:  ____________________________________________


Grade:  ____________               Classroom Teacher:  _______________


Parent(s) Name(s):  _______________________________         

 Phone number:  ___________________


To be read and completed by a parent/guardian:
Dear Parents,
        This is to inform you that your daughter/son wishes to try out for the Viewmont Dance Company on Tuesday, September 25th  and Tuesday, October 2nd.   If your child is selected for this company, she/he will be required to attend regular Tuesday afternoon practices as well as some evening performances, and abide by the Dance Company Contract and expectations for the remainder of the school year.  Weekly practices are scheduled to be every Tuesday afternoon from 3:00-4:00pm (beginning Tuesday, October 9th) during the 2018-2019 school year and regular attendance is required from October until May.  There is no cost/fee for participating on the team.  Because of the extra time and commitment involved, we would like your permission for your daughter/son to audition.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Jennifer Love and Anyea Gibson
Viewmont Elementary Dance Company Instructors
loveje@hickoryschools.net    or    gibsonan@hickoryschools.net

I give my permission for 

                                            (Student’s name)

to audition for the Viewmont Dance Company at Viewmont Elementary School on Tuesday, September 25th and Tuesday, October 2nd.  I am aware of the extra time and commitment involved and the weekly practice schedule for the rest of the school year if she/he is selected for the team.  I have also read and understand the eligibility criteria, the audition expectations and the scoring criteria for auditions.


_____________________________________________               __________

Parent’s Signature                                                                                    Date

***You will NOT be permitted to stay after school for any day of auditions if this application and permission is not signed by a parent/guardian and returned to Ms. Love or Ms. Gibson by Tuesday, September 25th.