1st Grade

First Grade Supply List



4 Primary Journals – 5/8 Inch Ruled with a Picture Story drawing space.  These are sold at several places including this one available at Walmart, online, dollar stores–any color coverJ

1 each color plastic folders with brads and pockets – red, yellow, blue, green, orange

1 – pencil box

Pencils – At least 2 packs-sharpened ones are such a treat (not the mechanical kind, please)


6 Glue Sticks


24 count crayons

Dry Erase Markers


Yellow Highlighter

We would also love:
Ziploc bags of any size
Paper plates
Disinfectant wipes

Hand Sanitizer


***This is a general list of items that all first graders will need. Your child’s teacher may have a more specific list at the beginning of the school year.

Be sure to check out the School Supply Sales in August!