Staff Directory

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 Office Jeff Hodakowski - Principal
Nala Sadler-Sherrill - Assistant Principal
Machelle Edwards - Data Manager
Elisa Hayes - Finance Manager
PreK Tommie Graybeal
 Kindergarten Micha Hale
Marie Hollar
Raegan Beard
Yolima Escobar
Molly Ryan
1st Grade Stacey Stalvey
Yessica Orozco
Pat Cherry
Nicole Rice
Jasmine Gans
 2nd Grade Brooke Nguyen
Allison Shive
Karen Manuel
Reggie Cernick
Maria Creger
 3rd Grade Deborah Reid
Tosha Youngdahl
Holly McMurray
JodieKay Wyrosdick
 4th Grade Brittany Teague
Jessica Rhyne
Kennedy Goodson
Grace Bell
 5th Grade Anyea Gibson
Erin Irvin
Caitlin Norton
 Exceptional Children Anna Noell - K-5th Resource
Jennifer Love - Speech-Language Therapy
Dawn McDaniel - AIG
 Specialists Crystal Pritchett - English Language
Denise Knowles - Art
Heather Minton - Library/Media
Bobby Dettelbach - P.E.
Glenda Stephens - Music
Phoebe Chislom - Counselor
Tonya Byrd - Instructional Leadership
Heather Stamey - School Nurse
Rebecca Vaughn - Kintegra Therapist

 Assistants Hope Williams 
Lisa Carter
Elaine Littlefield
Liza Garcia
Patricia Little
Tara Noe
Christa Maney
Andy Bargeloh
 Student Teachers Christy Banks - 3rd grade with Mrs. Reid
Keely Lindler - 5th grade with Ms. Gibson