Who Qualifies for ESL instruction?

Upon enrollment, parents fill out a Home Language Survey with the following questions; 1. What is the first language the student learned to speak, 2. What language is spoken most often at home, and, 3. What language does the student speak most often. From these responses, a decision is made by ESL personnel whether or not to administer an English Language Proficiency test. 

A student who demonstrates limited English on this initial screening, is considered Limited English Proficient, or LEP. She/he then qualifies to receive instruction (usually daily) in English to help improve both social and academic language skills. 

During ESL class, a certified ESL teacher targets four domains considered necessary for academic success; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. At Hickory Public Schools, we also follow the 
WIDA English Language Development Standards, which emphasis the language of social settings, mathematics, science, social studies and English language arts.