2nd Grade

 Viewmont Elementary School
2nd grade Supply List

Headphones or earbuds for use with iPads (labeled with your child’s name) This is a requirement, We use these daily.

*Large zippered pouch  (large enough to hold pencils, crayons, etc)

Safety Scissors

pencil top erasers

5 - packs of pencils

1 pack of highlighters

2 boxes of 24 crayons

8 glue sticks

Dry erase markers

2 composition notebooks (black and white cover, not spiral)

2 sturdy double pocket folders (not the paper kind)

colored pencils


Disinfectant wipes

2 boxes of tissues

Reusable water bottle

Miscellaneous Classroom Supplies (any donations are greatly appreciated)

Extra of any of the above items

Paper Plates

Various sizes of ziploc bags

Paper Towels

*** 2 pencil pouches for DLI classes only, please