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Welcome to Viewmont Elementary School!

Please provide the following documents to enroll your child:

Certified Birth Certificate

Parent Photo ID (Driver License or Identification Card)

Kindergarten Health Assessment - For Kindergarteners

Health Assessment – For Grades 1-5
if coming from out of state
Health Assessment - must take and be filled out by doctor

Up-to-date Immunization Record

2 proofs of Address in Parent's Name

We accept the following bills:  Light, Gas, Water, Cable, Deed of Property, Mortgage Statement, Rental/Lease Agreement in parent's name.

We do not accept the following bills: Cell Phone, Car Insurance, Medicaid, Health Insurance, Credit Card statements, etc.


An Address Affidavit will be required if you cannot provide 2 proofs of Residence.

To obtain one contact: Hickory Public Schools Administration Office at
432 4th Ave SW Hickory, NC.  828-322-2855.

Both parties must present and have a valid driver’s license or identification card with their 2 proofs of residence to apply for an Address Affidavit.