What is GEMS?  GEMS is place where girls can try things that either won’t or can’t be done in the regular classroom. Girls will explore engineering, a subject that is not touched in elementary science. Girls will delve into higher-grade math and science that will challenge them without putting them under undue pressure, because they don’t have to pass a test on it.   They can explore and fail and start again without pressure to get the one right answer.  They can discover. GEMS is also a place where girls can get messy. They can get dirty, use tools, mix stuff up, and generally DO the science that is not possible to do during school. Each and every girl will get her hands in the activity, something that teachers usually struggle with due to time constraints.


Student Name:______________________________ DOB: ______________ Grade:_________


Homeroom Teacher: _________________ Parent Contact: __________________________________


Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________


Home Telephone: ________________________ Cell Number: _______________________________


Email: _____________________________________________________________________________


Allergies: __________________________       How will student go home at 4pm?:____________________________


Would you be willing to provide snacks one week?_________________If so, which month?____________________



When returning please include:

One Paragraph (must include why you want to be on the team and how you can contribute to the team and stapled to this sheet.)


Students submitting an application must maintain good behavior and grades.


✩ Deadline for submitting all paperwork is September 21, 2018 at 3:00pm.


                               Sessions for GEMS Club

Will meet on Thursday, twice a month with once in December and January

Each meeting will last from 3:00pm - 4:00 pm (Be punctual, only 1 tardy allowed)


Please contact Mrs. McDaniel or Mrs. Gragg concerning questions or comments at [email protected] or [email protected]


*** We will use REMIND 101 to get information to and from parents, so please include a cell number and email address.

*** Many fun activities and careers in math, science,
engineering and technology will be discussed.